Edward Kiniry-Ostro, LMT



Consistency is the key to progress. Monthly Membership packages are a fantastic way to save money and to see your sessions optimally maximized. The more often you come in, the bigger the discount. The more often you come in, the freer you will feel in your body. As chronic tension subsides (as indeed it does with regular bodywork), you'll find yourself open to discovering new possibilities within your body, mind, and spirit.


  • Once a month
    $85/hr. Save %15!

  • Twice a month
    $80/hr. Save 20%!

  • Thrice a month
    $70/hr. Save 30%!

The Nitty Gritty

  • There is no contract. Keeping it chill for all involved.

  • Sessions are scheduled. Rescheduling is allowed. Life happens!

  • Client must pay in advance. Payment plans are available upon request.

  • If unused, sessions roll over to the following month. If after three inconsistent months Client is unable to regularly attend, Edward reserves the right to null the agreement and charge in full.

  • Client may gift sessions if agreed upon with Edward.